Survey Title: 2006 Annual Award Survey
SAC Issue: Volume 2007, No. 2, pp. 1 - 11
Publication Date: August 2007

Award Year(s) Reviewed: 2006
Survey Topic: 2006 Awards compared with 2000-2005
Number of Charts: 5

This second review of Awards by year (ninth in SAC's series of Public Awards surveys since 1989) trades, to good effect, some of the advantages of multi-year statistical breakouts for a clearer sense of the present-the "state of the industry" as responding to dynamics and developments in the field.

The most disturbing revelations emerge from comparisons of the 2006 Small Claims (below $25,000) Awards with those of previous years, prompting some probing back-to-basics questions.

Recovery rates are, for the first time, presented by average and median; this, in recognition of a controversy currently surrounding the calculation (sketched out nicely in the survey narrative).

How does claim inflation factor into the mixed results on customer win and recovery rates and the trend in employee recovery rates? The survey speculates on the findings in relation to this ongoing issue.

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