Survey Title: Arbitrator Service 1994-1998
SAC Issue: Volume X, No. 6, pp. 6 - 12
Publication Date: March 1999

Award Year(s) Reviewed: July 1994 - June 1998
Survey Topic: Review, by the numbers, of SRO staff panel appointments and Arbitrator availability prior to the NASD's inauguration of NLSS, and what the results indicate for parties' welfare and expectations of panel expertise. (See also Arbitrator Service 2000 - 2005 for post-NLSS results.)
Number of Charts: 4

Published at the onset of NASD's switch to the NLSS (Neutral List Selection System) with its expanded party choice, this SAC survey sets a baseline for results under the new protocol by a look at SRO panel appointments for the four years prior (1994 - 1998). Arbitrator service under the previous staff selection method, where party input was limited to peremptory and cause challenges, is indexed for frequency, range and breadth of service and Claimant recovery rates. (See also Arbitrator Service 2000 - 2005 for post-NLSS results.)

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