Survey Title: Defamation 1989-1994
SAC Issue: Volume VII, No. 8, pp. 5 - 9
Publication Date: October 1995

Award Year(s) Reviewed: May 1989 - December 1994
Survey Topic: Defamation in employment disputes
Number of Charts: 2

The intense, personal acridity of employment disputes shows in relief when 157 defamation-related awards (issued 1989 - 1994) are compared with the pool of 15,000 + customer claims at large on SAC's database. The largest damage award in SRO arbitration history (to date of this survey), included in this population, showcases employment dispute complexities and arbitral remedies and provides a cautionary tale on the explosive potential of tenuous employment relationships.

The breakdown of award results by forum yields noteworthy differences between NASD and NYSE on size of award and wins for claims and counterclaims.

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