Survey Title: Determining Recovery Rates 2000 - 2006
SAC Issue: Volume 2006, No. 4, pp. 12-13
Publication Date: October 2006

Award Year(s) Reviewed: 2000 - 2006
Survey Topic: The effect of customer claim inflation on recovery rates
Number of Charts: None

What does the steady rise in claim inflation since 2000 mean for customer recovery rates as a meaningful index for evaluating arbitration choices?

A few recent customer-initiated disputes, spectacular in their damage claim amounts, are only the most egregious of a steadily increasing number of claims that, inarguably, may be labeled excessive.

Who or what is driving the claim inflation? The survey article examines some clues and speculates on solutions most likely to reverse the growing trend. How workable they could prove to be would depend on the industry's long-term vision for arbitration and its willingness to hammer out practical, effective compromises equally acceptable and intelligible to parties, forums and regulators.

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