Survey Title: Employment 1989-1992
SAC Issue: Volume V, No. 4, pp. 7 - 8
Publication Date: January 1993

Award Year(s) Reviewed: 1989-1992
Survey Topic: Employment-related Awards (See also Employment 1989-1990)
Number of Charts: 2

This partial update of SAC's initial survey of employment Awards (see 4 SAC 2, February 1991, pp. 8-9) enhances the original with a breakout of type of employee claim by frequency and outcome. Issued when NASD was still withholding industry disputes from public availability, the resulting sample of Employee-Member and Member-Employee Awards is predominantly NYSE Awards.

The narrative touches on the possible fallout, evident in this survey and/or affecting future employee arbitration claims, of the U.S. Supreme Court's 5/13/91 decision in Gilmer v. Interstate/Johnson Lane Corp. compelling arbitration of employment discrimination disputes.

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