Survey Title: SRO Statistics 1992
SAC Issue: Volume IV, No. 10 & 11, pp. 8 - 10
Publication Date: September 1993

Award Year(s) Reviewed: 1990 - 1992
Survey Topic: SRO statistics tally for 1990 through 1992 (See also SRO Statistics 1991)
Number of Charts: 1

SAC's update (See SRO Statistics 1991) on the SICA-reported statistics for participating self-regulatory organizations charts a three-year breakout for seven arbitration forums. The Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly the Midwest Stock Exchange), with ten filings for the three-year period, was dropped from the chart for this round.

Individual forum and aggregate tallies for the group are presented, with statistics on cases received and concluded, data on small claims and public customer cases, and customer "wins" broken out. Commentary on forum shifts in case distribution and AAA and NFA case activity accompany the chart.

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