Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. – commonly known as SAC – was established in 1988 by Richard P. Ryder. SAC is located in the village of Maplewood, NJ, approximately 15 miles from New York City. Growing and diversifying steadily and strongly over the past two decades, SAC now offers more than a number of quality products serving the highly specialized securities arbitration field. Above all, SAC prides itself on courteous, direct and personalized customer service.

The History of Securities Arbitration...and the Creation of SAC Products
Just before the 1987 stock market crash, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that investors with arbitration contracts would have to arbitrate. Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. (SAC) was founded to prepare securities attorneys, experts, arbitrators, and industry managers alike for the impending surge in arbitration.

The SAC Commentator newsletter, with its first issue in April 1988, remains the only periodical to focus exclusively on the practice and process of securities/commodities arbitration. It reports on developments, rule changes, tactical matters, and arbitration case law in a broker-dealer context. It is read and appreciated by practitioners, experts, and arbitrators all around the nation and the world. In 1999, we introduced our weekly email service, the Arbitration Alert, to keep the securities arbitration community updated on the latest developments in the field.

SAC's Litigation Alert commenced publication in 2000 and has been available online since 2014, now known as SAC's Online Litigation Alert (SOLA). The SLA Alerts are written by our Board of Contributing Legal Editors, professionals who are leaders in the field of securities litigation. The Alert analyzes court decisions relating to securities and commodities law and brokerage house disputes at all levels of federal and state courts. The online facility offers subscribers the ability to link to feature articles, decisions summaries, the court decisions and related Awards.

In May 1989, when the major forums began making their securities arbitration Awards publicly available, SAC began tabulating those Arbitration Awards on a computer database that today contains more than 50,000 awards. Gathering data from the arbitration forums, including the NASD, NYSE, NFA, the AAA and, now, FINRA, SAC continues to maintain the largest database of its kind, containing securities Awards from all the forums. SAC has also created a substantial Court Decision Database containing headnotes and summaries on 7,000 plus court decisions.

While we pride ourselves on the breadth, depth and accuracy of our Arbitration Award Database and the expert analysis in our Court Decision Database, the main attraction of our Database Searches is ease: Since our Databases are broken down into key-word fields, we can retrieve the information you need in quick-review Search Reports.

Our ARBchek website is the most powerful search tool available for evaluating an Arbitrator's Award history. With ARBchek, you search over 50,000 Award records, viewing the results in standardized, easy-to-read chart formats. The Awards are available in PDF format to print individually or in a batch by Arbitrator. ARBchek has the largest collection of securities Awards of any website from all securities forums. The Award Plus feature alerts you when there is additional information available for an Award. View the ARBchek Demo to learn more about researching your Arbitrators.

The Arbitrator Comparison Report (ACR) is an upgrade to ARBchek and is the ultimate Arbitrator due diligence report. The ACR is an interactive report that summarizes and compares, in one Excel spreadsheet, the Arbitrator's Award history from 2000 to present, and links back to the ARBchek summaries and PDFs of the Awards. This powerful tool also cross-references the Arbitrators in your search, to determine prior relationships between them, and compares Arbitrators' win and recovery rates, among other things.

Custom Searches are a great option if you are looking for a special trend analysis to blow your case wide open or simply to negotiate a better settlement. SAC can help by performing customized database searches tailored to your needs. Our staff of attorneys uses a combination of SAC's powerful research tools, including our Arbitration Award Database and Court Decision Database, to zero in on information you need to make your case. For a free estimate, contact SAC!

We also offer a number of resources for free. Our "Docket Number Search" option allows you to view and print any Award in our database. UPDATE: ARBchek is a report on the 20-50 Awards we enter into our Award Database each week, introduced with a brief summary of "Selected Awards of Interest." Our Award Database allows us to do a multitude of Award Surveys that are collected in the SAC Research Center. Our newest free feature is SAC's Blog, available on this website, where one may find articles selected each week from SAC's Arbitration and Litigation Alerts and guest commentary.

As the authority on securities arbitration, SAC's data and expertise are regularly utilized by the top financial publications. Our Award Database provides essential support for surveys conducted annually by Smart Money and Kiplinger's. SAC's authoritative staff is frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Securities Week, Barron's, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and others. The General Accounting Office, recognizing the usefulness and accuracy of our data, chose to use SAC services for its second study of customer-initiated cases in securities arbitration.

Here's what the press and our customers have to say about SAC products.

"…the best source of information about the results of Wall Street arbitration cases." 
The New York Times

"…highly useful in the defense of arbitrations."
– Securities Industry Association (nka SIFMA)

"Thank you for your research regarding attorney fees and interest. The database information and case law you sent targeted the relevant issues, helping us to assess the risks involved in the case and ultimately to reach a satisfactory settlement. Your knowledge of the material is invaluable, and I certainly look forward to working with you again."
– April M. Chung, attorney, Theodore A. Krebsbach & Associates – New York, NY

"By encouraging arbitrators to read [the Commentator], the practitioners (and SAC) would assist in developing and maintain a better informed cadre of arbitrators, which is bound to serve the interests of those who appear before us and the industry which we all serve."
– James Knotter, arbitrator – San Diego, CA

Biography of Our Company President                              
Richard P. Ryder
President/Founder of Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc

Editor/Publisher of the
Securities Arbitration Commentator and Securities Litigation Commentator newsletters
Richard P. Ryder is the founder and owner of SAC, and the editor/publisher of three newsletters, Securities Arbitration Commentator, Securities Arbitration Alert and SAC's Online Litigation Alert.  Mr. Ryder earned his J.D. degree from New York University School of Law; he served with the NASD for seven years as New York District Counsel among other positions, and later as Director of Arbitration in charge of the NASD's nationwide arbitration program. From 1982 through 1988, he was head of litigation and Associate General Counsel for PaineWebber, Inc. Mr. Ryder also participates in the arbitration process as an arbitrator and mediator and appears as a speaker on the subjects of securities arbitration and litigation from time to time.


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