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Since the United States Supreme Court came down in favor of mandatory arbitration with its decision in McMahon v. SLH (482 U.S. 220 6/8/87), SAC has been the attorney's primary link to this specialized field. Here's a quick summary of our products and services, tailored to your needs. Click on the products mentioned for specific information. And scroll down for our attorney communication services and a trade tip.

SAC Products & Services for Practitioners
For any and all research for your arbitration dispute, there's SAC Arbitration Award Database, with substantive and people searches including our very popular Arbitrator Searches; we have also created SAC Packages that contain complete and current information on timely topics. For special trend analysis, we'll conduct our "All SAC Resources" Research a personal analysis of our Arbitration Award Database, Court Decision Database and other internal resources conducted by our expert staff. All of these services have been designed specifically to support your case research.

Providing continuous knowledge and insight, the Commentator newsletter keeps securities/commodities arbitration attorneys, as well as arbitrators and professionals, on top of this fast-changing field so you never miss a beat. Teamed with the Commentator, our E-mail Alert Service provides late-breaking news, updates, and communication among peers; messages are delivered weekly, and more frequently when news breaks. Check out our Special Offers area for free trials of many of our products and services.

Offering An Active Communication Channel...At No Cost
SAC has created several services to support communication among our subscribers. The Commentator newsletter features a Bulletin Board for posting notes from and about people in arbitration; all subscribers are welcome to contribute. Subscribe to our E-mail Alert Service and enter an e-mail discussion with the elite in the field.

Have A Question? SAC Has the Answer
SAC prides itself as a clearinghouse of information about securities arbitration. Please don't hesitate to contact SAC with questions; we're sure that we can get you what you need. For information that could prove useful in helping you win your case, click here for a trade tip.

Experts in Mediation - Catalysts for Resolution
An expert has traditionally been regarded as a credentialed spokesperson engaged to endorse the position of his or her client. An expert can make many contributions: identifying issues in dispute, marshalling facts, and bringing key elements into focus. For counsel unfamiliar with securities disputes, an expert can be an invaluable resource in understanding the facts and the issues, and in identifying the salient aspects of both.

An expert will help the client, attorney, and mediator understand the issues in dispute and articulate the issues without the emotion of the parties or the advocacy of counsel.

The success of mediation rests upon each side's readiness to listen to the other and to honestly comprehend and respond to each other. The more effectively each side can marshal and present its facts, educate the other side to these facts, and counter opposing facts the more likely resolution will be achieved.

Roger Deitz, chair of the Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, explains this topic in full in a cover story of the Commentator. Go to our Educational Materials & Links area to print out this article.

NOTE: Tips for practitioners are a regular feature in the Commentator. Our editor, Rick Ryder who is widely experienced in securities litigation and is an active arbitrator as well is constantly injecting useful commentary pertaining to your business within all sections of the publication. Also, check out Letters to the Editor, where practitioners regularly share their experiences and thoughts.

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