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The Securities Arbitration Commentator newsletter is the only periodical that focuses exclusively on the practice and process of securities / commodities arbitration.

Every month, the Commentator monitors the entire field of activity affecting securities arbitration - from legislative and regulatory developments to the latest tactical techniques drawn from actual arbitration awards and case law.

Led by our distinguished Board of Editors (scroll down for roster), the Commentator serves all members of the arbitration community who rely on our extensive commentary and in-depth coverage of the issues and events that affect securities arbitration. We continuously receive their highest praise.

In every issue of the Commentator, you'll find news and feature articles about securities arbitration, court decision summaries and analyses, award reporting, and communication among practitioners.

Commentator Content

Our feature articles are written for the Commentator by leading authorities, digging deeply into the issues and trends affecting securities/commodities arbitration. For subject matter, see Topics Covered in Past Issues of the Commentator. To read a recent feature article, go to Educational Materials & Links.

Important news, SRO arbitration statistics, and proposed and actual rule changes appear in this regular section of the Commentator.

 The Commentator's case analysis and award reporting are indispensable for our readers. "Articles & Case Law" is a comprehensive collection of recent court decisions, analyzed and discussed by our editors. All cases featured in this section are available for searches in our Court Decision Database.


Arbitrator Training Programs -
Upcoming training & orientation programs offered by the arbitration forums.

Bulletin Board -
Notes from and about people in arbitration.

Schedule of Upcoming Events - 
Arbitration events throughout the country scheduled in the coming months.


Our Award Surveys, regular features in the Commentator, provide important data analyses of the trends in securities arbitration. Previous topics surveyed and statistically analyzed include public customer awards, punitive damages, employment disputes, defamation, forum and attorney fees, pro se disputes, situs comparisons, top 100 B-Ds, SRO filing figures, and raiding. These Surveys are often used as a basis for national press coverage in notable financial publications. A collection of past Award Surveys, tabulated for easy reference, is available to Commentator subscribers for purchase.

Preferred SAC subscribers also receive the Arbitration Alert, an interactive e-mail companion that provides up-to-the-minute news briefs on awards, court decisions, and rule changes; previews of upcoming issues; and a discussion forum. The Alert is delivered weekly – and more often, when news breaks. Contact SAC to ask for a free four-week trial subscription of the Arbitration Alert if you are not already a Preferred SAC subscriber..

Here are some topics explored in past issues of the Commentator.

SAC's Comprehensive Surveys of Award Data


customer disputes


punitive damage awards


employment disputes


defamation awards


forum fee studies

Arbitration Issues


non-attorney representation


updates on SICA's activities


accessing AAA & SRO arbitration awards


rule comparisons: NASD to NYSE

Forum Information


statistics detailing caseloads and outcomes for all forums


mandatory arbitrator training in response to GAO Study


proposed punitive damage rules


proposed rule changes, amendments, and comment periods

Government Oversight


balance between judicial assistance and judicial interference


Congressional moves against mandatory pre-dispute agreements


SEC activities in the oversight of SRO arbitration


CFTC study of NFA arbitration


GAO's comprehensive study on how customers fare in arbitration
(look for GAO's newly updated study featuring SAC data)

Litigation Issues


post-arbitration challenges to final award


arbitrability of employment disputes


impact of New York choice-of-law clauses


judicial stays of arbitration on time-bar grounds

Practitioner Tips


jurisdictional and other threshold issues gain tactical importance


when and how to use mediation


guest articles on discovery techniques


limited motion practice to strike claims and pleadings


introducing lie detector evidence, tape recordings, etc.


selecting grounds for post-award challenges


role of the expert witness

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Board Of Editors:

Richard P. Ryder
Editor-in-Chief, SAC

Peter R. Boutin
Keesal Young & Logan
San Francisco, CA
  Roger M. Deitz
Law Offices of Roger Deitz

New York, NY
  Linda P. Drucker
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Retired)
San Francisco, CA

Paul J. Dubow
Law Offices of Paul J. Dubow

San Francisco, CA
  George H. Friedman
(Contributing Legal Editor)
Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.
Fordham University School of Law

New York, NY

  Constantine N. Katsoris
Fordham University School of Law
New York, NY

Theodore A. Krebsbach
Murphy & McGonigle
New York, NY
  Deborah Masucci
International Mediation Institute
New York, NY
  William D. Nelson
Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP
Denver, CO

David E. Robbins
Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP
New York, NY
  Ross Tulman
Trade Investment Analysis Group
Columbus, OH
  Harry T. Walters
Morgan Stanley
New York, NY

James D. Yellen
J.D. Yellen & Associates
New York, NY


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