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Field-Based Database Searches 
Our unique coding system goes the extra mile; compare it to the text-based methods.

Database Information Fields  
A list of the searchable information by code name.

How Our Products Help Win Cases  
SAC's Database Products are key research that help reap favorable awards. See this page for practical uses of SAC Database products.

Field-Based Database Searches

How do you cut through the clutter to get right to the award information you need? With SAC's unique "field-based" search system, the work is already done. The awards from all the major forums have been carefully compiled by SAC staff into one uniform language identifying common characteristics among the awards and distilling the information so the data is easy to retrieve.

What's the advantage of the SAC database system?
Time is money save both with SAC. SAC's field-based system goes the extra mile. First, SAC breaks down all award information into more than 50 fields, categories we've determined through experience as most useful to our customers. The award abstracts are synopsized for a quick read. We even take the steps of calculating damages and recording the fee allocations.

There are several "searchable" databases on the market, products that let you browse through awards online or on CD-ROM. But be wary. Text-based databases are full-text awards input verbatim into files. Since the text is not manipulated or coded in any way, your word search is likely to find more awards than are relevant and fewer than you need and all must be read and screened.

With every search request, our expert staff works with you to create a Search Report that's easy to read and tailored to your needs. And we deliver fast in most cases, within one business day. With Report in hand, the screening is done for you: Read only those awards that are clearly useful.

Our last and, possibly, our most important claim: Our award collection is the most complete and the only one to span all active forums in our field. Arbitration awards, from the first awards released in 1989 to the most recent batches, with constant checking so we miss nothing in between. There's no other product on the market that comes close. And without this complete research, you might miss that one award you need to win your case.

Database Information Fields

Here is a partial list of our information fields:

Allegations (I, II, III)
Arbitration Forum
Arbitrator Name(s)
Attorney Fee Claim/Award
Award Breakdown
Broker Dealer Name(s)
Claimant Name(s)
Compensatory Claim/Award
Costs Assessed
Counterclaim Allegations
Filing Date
First Hearing Date
Forum ID #
Hearing Sessions
Issue Date
Notable Remarks
Products Involved
Professional Name(s)
Punitive Claim/Award
Respondent Name(s)
RICO Claim/Award
Situs - City, State
Summary & Contents
Third Party Claim/Award
Third Party Name(s)
Total Amount Claimed/Awarded
Total Amount Counterclaimed/Awarded

Complex searches are made easy by our Award Database's field and coding approach. As an example, ABC Brokerage can be searched for all awards involving a particular product (i.e. index options), by certain size claims or award amounts (i.e. more than $100,000), by state, or by all of the above simultaneously. Contact SAC if you'd like more details; see How Our Products Help Win Cases for practical uses of SAC products.

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How Our Products Help Win Cases

Here are some familiar securities arbitration scenarios, and how our subscribers have advanced their clients' interests using SAC's products and services.

Subjects explored:
forum and arbitrator selection  |  interest  |  punitive damages
broker search  |  directed verdict  | clearing broker scenario

A Houston-based lawyer reports* that he successfully completed a major case before the NFA, thanks to SAC products and services. The customer contract in controversy specified arbitration either before the NFA, the NYSE, or NASD. Relying on materials on the forums published in the Commentator, the lawyer surmised that the customer would receive fair treatment at the NFA and he even opted for an industry panel to get the expertise he needed. In the end, two industry panelists were selected. "...[T]he two industry members on the panel thoroughly understood the technicalities of futures trading much better than garden-variety NYSE or NASD arbitrators would have understood them. Often, the arbitrators asked better questions of the witnesses than I did," he wrote. "In summary, my experience with the NFA was a positive one, largely because of the high level of competence of the arbitrators appointed...." 

*The lawyer's correspondence with SAC was published as a letter to the editor in the 7/99 issue of the Commentator.

Pre-judgment INTEREST is settled with help of award data.
Counsel in an investor-initiated dispute had come to settlement terms on all variables, except interest. In this particular case, the transaction date of the disputed investment was many years old, so the potential for pre-judgment interest and the appropriate interest rate were significant. After reviewing the results of a SAC Search Report based on selected criteria established by counsel, the parties settled the case.

Past arbitration data allows clearing broker to settle...and clear itself from multimillion-dollar DAMAGE AWARD.
Brokerage A was named in a multimillion-dollar arbitration due to its function as clearing broker for another brokerage, B. Brokerage B had a definite sales practice problem in the case. Brokerage A wanted out of the arbitration and sought to demonstrate to claimants that its settlement offer was reasonable. SAC was asked to provide a report on clearing broker liability in past arbitrations. When claimants were presented with the results of the Report, they sought independent verification from SAC. Based upon the verified data, the two parties settled. Brokerage B continued in the arbitration and was hit with a multimillion-dollar damage award.

SAC BROKER SEARCH proves point.
On cross-examination of the broker in a customer dispute, claimant's counsel was able to rebut the broker's assertion that he had never been involved in or held liable for another customer's arbitration claim. Armed with the results of a Broker Search from our Arbitration Award Database, claimant's counsel was able to produce an arbitration award in which the broker had been held liable and counsel destroyed the broker's credibility.

Claimant and respondent both use Award Database to duel on PUNITIVE DAMAGES.
Punitive damages assessments are an extraordinary remedy, both in arbitration and in litigation. To prove their points, both sides used SAC's Databases of arbitration awards and court decisions. One client recalls that claimant's counsel used SAC's collection of punitive damage awards to demonstrate the many times arbitrators had made such assessments. Then counsel for respondents countered with a Search comparing the number of times claimants had requested punitive damages with the number of times punitive damages were actually assessed.

Presenting historical examples proved instrumental in obtaining a DIRECTED VERDICT.
Directed verdicts are not commonplace in arbitration, but they have occurred. SAC supplied respondent's counsel with a collection of past awards in which directed verdict motions were granted. Some of the awards contained the arbitrators' explanation as to why they granted the motion. Demonstrating this to an arbitration panel, counsel reported, proved instrumental in obtaining a directed verdict in his case.

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