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For attorneys, arbitrators, professionals -

"Securities Arbitration Procedures Manual,"
by David E. Robbins (Lexis Law Publishing, 5th edition, 2002); $120.

"A Primer on Securities Arbitration Laws for Investors, Brokers, and Attorneys,"
by Franklin D. Ormsten (Cadrey Publishing 1999); $49.99.

"How to Select Arbitrators in Securities Arbitration,"
by Theodore & Madelaine Eppenstein. Contact SAC for a copy: $5.

For investors -

"A Primer on Securities Arbitration Laws for Investors, Brokers, and Attorneys,"
by Franklin D. Ormsten (Cadrey Publishing 1999); $49.99.

"How to Sue Your Stockbroker Without a Lawyer: Getting Your Money Back Quickly & Cheaply; Your Common Sense Do-It-Yourself Guide; Simplified Arbitration Made Simple,"
by J.M. Punderson & C.M. O'Rourke (All Court Press 1998).

These recent articles in the Commentator can be printed out in full by clicking on the article name. For a trial subscription to the Commentator, go to our Special Offers area.

"The New NASD Arbitrator Selection Process - NLSS,"
by Douglas J. Schulz, a Registered Investment Advisor and securities expert witness.

"How to Settle a Case,"
by David E. Robbins, chairperson of the annual PLI program and a member of the
Commentator Board of Editors.

"SEC Shingle Theory: Continuing Viability; Continuing Questions,"
by Franklin D. Ormsten, partner in a law firm specializing in arbitration [broker "fairness"].

"Experts in Mediation: Catalysts for Resolution,"
by Roger M. Deitz, chair of the Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York and a member of SAC's Board of Editors.

"Securities Arbitration Pilot Program,"
by Stephen G. Sneeringer, Senior Vice President & Counsel, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.; former Chair of the SIA's Subcommittee on Securities Arbitration (which formulated the Pilot Program); and a member of our Board of Editors.

For additional information about securities arbitration, you may want to visit one or more of the web sites listed below. Click on the web site name to link directly to the site. (Note: The web site will appear in a new browser window. Just close or minimize the new window to get back to SAC! )

American Arbitration Association
The AAA's official site.

Bureau of National Affairs
BNA is a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information, producing more than 200 news and information services including its weekly Securities Regulation and Law Report.

CCH Financial
CCH Financial Products is an expert on electronic compliance information for the financial community.  The CCH Securities Regulatory Library keeps all national and state laws, rules and regulations in up-to-date, useful databases. The information is available on CD-ROM and via the Internet. A branch of CCH Incorporated.

JAMS, the resolution experts, offers its domestic and international clients an exclusive, prestigious panel of retired justices and judges, as well as attorneys with proven track records for handling the most complex and high-stakes cases. With 20 offices nationwide, the company and its 200 full-time neutrals are responsible for resolving more than 10,000 disputes annually.

Justice For Investors
This site has a frequently updated list of securities class action complaints, as well as information about the class action process and investors' options. The site also explains how to deal with your broker so you can avoid problems.
"Your source for personal finance information, business forecasts, and special service"; departments include Investments, Saving & Borrowing, and Insurance. Good spread of information for people involved in finance and all its associated areas.

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
The MSRB's official site.

National Association of Securities Dealers Dispute Resolution
NASD Dispute Resolution, Inc. is a subsidiary company under the umbrella of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) that administers NASD arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution services.

National Association of Securities Dealers Regulation
The official site of the NASDR (a subsidiary of the NASD, its regulatory arm). Information on arbitration and mediation can be found here.

National Futures Association
The NFA's official site.

National Society of Compliance Professionals
"A nonprofit membership organization dedicated to serving and supporting compliance officials in the securities industry."

New York Stock Exchange
The NYSE's official site. The link below will take you to the Arbitration section.

Pacific Exchange
The PCX's official site. PCX has a well-regarded arbitration program for investors, operating primarily in California.

ProFormWare, Inc.
ProFormWare produces forms, software, and other products for the financial community. Their Investment Advisor and Broker-Dealer software and reference manuals "are essential to running an efficient business." Their custom formware division can create forms to suit your needs.

Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association
The official site of the organization committed to promoting "the interests of the public investor in securities and commodities arbitration." Investors seeking counsel might want to visit this site.

Registered Representative Online
"The #1 Magazine for Retail Stockbrokers"; contents include chat forums and article archives.

 Securities Arbitration Alert Excerpt re:  The landmark 1987 U.S. Supreme Court Case, Shearson/AmExpress v. McMahon

OYEZ, OYEZ: McMAHON ORAL ARGUMENT: Ted and Madelaine Eppenstein, the lawyers who represented the investor’s side in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Shearson/AmExpress v. McMahon, have launched a law firm WebSite where, among other things, visitors can listen to the 1987 oral argument.
Personally, we were working that day and missed this momentous arbitration event, but we have waited in hope that the one-hour debate about securities arbitration before the Court would be selected for Internet audio “publication” by one of the educational institutions involved in that mission (see, e.g., Oyez Project at The law firm of Eppenstein & Eppenstein (NYC) has done it for us by providing an MP3 version of the full oral argument before the Court. We love the give-and-take of the appellate debate and this one is packed with the tension, drama, intellectual stimulation, and even humor that often characterizes oral argument. At this point, we have only listened to Mr. Eppenstein’s side, which we found at We mentioned humor – one moment comes when Mr. Eppenstein makes an off-handed observation about doctors and wise investing, to which, following a titter in the audience, Justice Scalia responds,“Should the Court take judicial notice of that fact?” (paraphrasing). Mr. Eppenstein is well-known in arbitration circles for, among other things, his public service contributions, as a member of the AAA Task Force in the early 1990’s and his current Public Member status on SICA. As arbitration practitioners, the husband-wife team won a $40 million-plus NFA Arbitration Award (see SAA 01-29) for a group of commodity investors and preserved it in court (Engel v. Refco, SLA 2002-32). Of course, the oral argument in its entirety has historical importance, so we searched further for that. The argument, in which the SEC, through the Solicitor General participated, marked a turnaround by the Commission (which Justice Blackmun remarks upon) in its attitude towards and oversight of securities arbitration. McMahon led to an omnibus overhaul by SICA of the SRO arbitration rules, which revisions were adopted by the major SROs in May 1989. Inside the brokerage houses, the decision transformed the litigation programs of the major firms, as in-house counsel caseloads soared, both in dollar terms and as a percentage of the whole retail docket. Not incidentally, Shearson’s side was argued by inside counsel, Ted Krebsbach, who is now lead partner of the New York City law firm, Krebsbach & Snyder. His oral presentation and the SEC’s viewpoint are presented as part of the whole at PublicService3.asp. Be patient, as it takes some time for the MP3 file to load, but the wait is worth your time. Thanks, Ted and Madelaine! (SAA Ref. No. 2003-48, 12/10/03)

Securities and Exchange Commission
The SEC's official site.

Securities Industry Association
The Securities Industry Association "brings together the shared interests of more than 740 securities firms to accomplish common goals."

The Securities Law Homepage
"An online guide to securities law"; this one-stop source includes a monthly online newsletter, event calendar, monthly commentary by securities practitioners, and "listserv" discussion group (participants' comments automatically forwarded to all list members).

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